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Ultimate Intimacy App - Gift Code For Android On The Amazon App Store

Ultimate Intimacy App - Gift Code For Android On The Amazon App Store

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Want to purchase a gift code to unlock the full version of the Ultimate Intimacy App for yourself, or to give as a gift to someone else on android? You can now do it!

The gift code will work for android devices ONLY through the Amazon App Store. The Amazon App Store App will need to be downloaded to the device before the Ultimate Intimacy App can be downloaded.


Within 24 hours of purchase, the gift code will be sent to your email, which you can use, or gift to someone else to unlock the app.

This is for a "one time" purchase which will give full access to the app for your android device through amazon.

*The code will ONLY work for android devices.

You can have full access to two (2) devices with each code as you can sync your devices up together in the couples mode.


Ultimate Intimacy is the ULTIMATE Marriage and Intimacy App for couples. The Ultimate Intimacy App is clean, non-graphic and so much fun, and because it is Christian-friendly, you wont find any nudity, or vulgar material.

The Ultimate Intimacy app is designed to help couples take their relationship and sexual intimacy to a whole new level! The Ultimate Intimacy App has several sections and resources including a customizable bedroom game where couples take turns asking questions and doing actions to each other, starting out with romance, then progressing to foreplay, heavy foreplay and hot and heavy. Couples can enjoy each other and experience intimacy in a very fun and exciting way! The app also has expert articles, videos, podcasts, conversations starters, date ideas and many other resources to strengthen your relationship emotionally, spiritually, and sexually.

The Ultimate Intimacy App is the ULTIMATE marriage app for married couples who:

* Are looking for a wholesome, clean and fulfilling way to spice to their marriage.

* Want to have an amazing intimate and sexual relationship.

* Want to have a better connection and draw closer to each other.

App Features:

* Incredibly fun Intimacy Game to help couples connect and enjoy each other in a very fun and exciting way! The game has 4 levels, which include Romance, Foreplay, Heavy Foreplay and Hot and Heavy. Couples take turns doing specific actions to each other. The game is completely customizable and personalized to fit your comfort level and preferences.

* Truth or Dare Bedroom Game

* Conversations Starters with topics such as marriage and intimacy, romance, finance, family, spiritual and others to help couples open up fun conversations and get to know each other better.

* Safe and secure in app private chat messaging system where you and your spouse can communicate intimately together and send pictures and messages.

* Hundreds of resources with articles and ideas to deepen sexual and emotional intimacy, understand anatomy and the human sexual response cycle, techniques, podcasts and videos with marriage and intimacy experts, and many other ideas to help spice up your marriage and deepen emotional intimacy. New resources are added regularly.

* Over 200+ clean, non-graphic amazing intimate positions with instructions. *AVAILABLE ON IPHONE ONLY

* Language of Love Quiz where you can find out how your spouse best feels loved. Do they want your time, gifts, affection, words or touch? Take the quiz to find out.

* Intimacy Calendar where you can schedule and keep track of special events between you and your spouse.

* Products section with various products and services to enhance your relationship.

* Couples mode where you and your spouse can sync your phones for more interactive functions.

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