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NEW - AMAZING 4-in-1 Intimate Massage Cream / Lubricant "EVREE" couple needs!

NEW - AMAZING 4-in-1 Intimate Massage Cream / Lubricant "EVREE" couple needs!

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One of the best products we have ever used. This "all in one" Intimate massage cream and lubricant works and smells AMAZING! This product will help enhance your foreplay and intimacy dramatically! 

This 4-in-1 intimate cream not only is an amazing lubricant, but is the most amazing massage cream, body butter, and oil treatment for your skin! 

Other lubricants and massage oils are messy, and drip between your fingers, down your arm, between your legs and can be very messy and sticky! Not the intimate massage cream. 

This is a 3.4 oz bottle, but it goes a long way and lasts a long time once applied, so you do not need to apply that much when using.

100% natural ingredients: made with only the finest ingredients (exotic butters and oils), free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, petroleum, sulfate, cruelty.

Smells amazingsmells absolutely amazing, making any intimate moment better! 

Lubricates: people have stated this is the most natural feeling with long lasting lubrication.

Moisturizes: instead of feeling sticky and gross like you do after using lubricants and massage oils, this leaves your skin and intimate areas smooth, and feeling rejuvenated.

Safe and refreshing for the vagina: This product is a light, silky, luxurious fusion with natural ingredients known for nourishing intimate tissues while promoting balanced pH.

Edible: The flavor is subtle and natural so you don’t have to worry about sugars or artificial flavors that can throw off your pH and cause infections.

Packaging: Beautiful frosted glass paired with a natural bamboo lid for a discreet and clean look. This product is 3.4 oz.

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This product comes in a cream form. However, it CAN melt (liquify) when introduced to higher temperatures which can sometimes occur during the shipping process. This will change the texture of the product, but will not change how amazing the product works. It will return back to solid form (not cream) after cooling down. 

We wrap the product in protective material to help guard against the heat, but we cannot guarantee the product will not liquify during shipping (or from sitting in a hot mailbox), especially when shipping to hotter destinations.

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