Why the Ultimate Intimacy App?

As many of you have read the story of how I came up with the idea of the Ultimate Intimacy App, (you can read it here) you know we spent A LOT of time, researching, testing and working with marriage experts and certified therapists to make sure the Ultimate Intimacy App was the best marriage app and resource on the market. When we first launched and brought the Ultimate Intimacy app to market back in 2017, we were one of the very first non-graphic, Christian friendly marriage and intimacy apps of our kind. We are so happy it is helping hundreds of thousands of couples around the world!

Why pick the Ultimate Intimacy App?

We have a few resources in our app that no one has to offer!

  • 200+ positions, non graphic
  • customizable bedroom game
  • hundreds of resource articles
  • love quiz
  • private in-app chat feature
  • printables
  • coupons
  • bucket lists
  • so much more!

200+ Positions that are non-graphic

First off we have these incredibly awesome position images to help you try out new things in the bedroom without having to look at any graphic or inappropriate pictures. These little bubble figure images are not only great to look at and learn what to do, but a lot of them have a description that goes along with the picture.

You can customize your position search

by category, who’s in control, for the husband or wife, and so much more!

You can even make a favorite positions list, try shuffle mode, or mark the ones you never want to try again!

You are sure to love it all the features the position tab has to offer!

Thanks to christian friendly sexpositions.com for the cute bubble figures in our app!

Customizable bedroom game!

The most exciting bedroom game EVER!

The Ultimate Intimacy Game has SO many awesome features!


  • put in your own names
  • pick the levels you want in your game including romance, foreplay, heavy foreplay and hot and heavy
  • pick the amount of time you want for each action
  • hands free mode available
  • customized advanced settings
  • add your own custom actions
  • include oral in game or not
  • read aloud action feature
  • thumbs up or down actions you want in custom game
  • search for certain actions

In app private chat feature

The in-app private chat feature you are going to love! You can sync your phone with your spouses phone and have private chat that your kids can never see! The Ultimate Intimacy app is passcode protected so you never have to worry about anyone getting into your app.

Send your spouse flirty texts at anytime without worrying who will see it!

Coupons and Printables

The Ultimate Intimacy App offers printables to strengthen your relationship, add spice to your marriage and adds decor to your home or bedroom. We are always adding new printables and ideas to help you grow closer.

Some printables we offer are:

  • coupon books
  • “i love you because..” printable heart attack
  • wall prints
  • marriage challenge calendars and so much more! You won’t find these anywhere else!

Why not download the app for free and check them out yourself right now?

Love Quiz

Our love quiz is a quick quiz for you to both take to find out the ways that your spouse likes to be loved.

It’s 30 easy questions, with an answer that could change your marriage! Knowing how your spouse likes to feel loved is a game changer!

Resource Articles

Ultimate Intimacy has so many resources!

Some topics include:

  • Physical Intimacy
  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Anatomy
  • Technique
  • Self Love
  • Newlywed articles
  • Love lists – customizable
  • Relationship experts and coaching
  • Podcasts
  • Women and Arousal
  • Date ideas
  • Putting Romance back in marriage
  • Social Media affects marriage
  • romantic ideas
  • and so much more!

Conversation Starters! over 200+

so many conversation starters that are perfect for date night, road trips, or just hanging out on the couch! Even after 18 years of marriage we have found personally how many topics we have never even talked about!

Topics include romance, family, finance, spiritual, intimacy and more!


We have products! We have partnered with some amazing companies including a model-free lingerie company, a christian value product shop, and more!

Bonus Material

There is so much more in the Ultimate Intimacy app!

It also includes

  • fantasy escapes, (beach sounds, waterfalls etc)
  • bucket lists
  • spicey invites to send your spouse
  • sexy texts to send your spouse
  • and more

Download the Ultimate Intimacy app today for FREE!

Check out our reviews!


I heard about this app through the Love Hour podcast. What intrigued me was that KevOnStage straight up said (paraphrasing), “I thought this was gonna be another weak prude Christian app but there’s some HOT stuff in there!!” What I do enjoy about this is there stuff for men AND women. It’s so mental for women and it’s so easy to neglect foreplay or doing what it takes to get her in the mood. There’s different categories and each category surprised me every time. There were questions to ask each other in the “Heavy Foreplay” section which I thought was SO DUMB… but Just getting her to verbally express what she wanted me to do to her or vice versa got her SO riled up! As a man it’s hard to let your ego go especially when it comes to intimacy but this app has taught me so much. And there’s so many other tools in this app. We use conversation starters on road trips cuz they are good questions that might even bring up other questions. One question has sparked up one hour conversations multiple times! This app is powerful and definitely a game changer. It brings so much intentionality in multiple aspects of our marriage! I’ve been telling the guys about this and that upgrade is definitely worth it! I never write reviews but to the person reading this?…. DO IT.

download today in the app stores or check out ultimateintimacy.com

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