The Benefits of Having Sex More Frequently

There are so many positive impacts of having more frequent sex. More frequency in sexual activity can have such positive benefits such as lower blood pressure, reduced stress, better overall intimacy both emotionally and physically, and even lower divorce rates among couples having more intimacy. There is no magic number of course, when it comes to the ideal sexual intimacy… but there are MANY benefits from having more sexual intimacy!

Physical Benefits of Increased Sexual Intimacy

Better shape physically: Because sex is a form of exercise, sexual activity is equal to moderate physical activities such as brisk walking and other activities. The motion of sex can also tone muscles in the abdominal and pelvic area. People who have more frequent sexual activity often are in better physical shape.

Better immune system: Couples having more regular sex can have stronger immune systems which help lower the likelihood of getting sick with the common cold or flu.

Helps promote weight loss: Because sex burns calories, having sex can help with controlling weight, and the chemicals released during sex also can help with food cravings as well.

Helps with pain and headaches: Because of the endorphins released during sex, pain with headaches and throughout other parts of your body can be reduced or disappear because of frequent sexual activity.

  • A study showed of people who were sexually active during a headache, 60% reported an improvement during a migraine, 70% reported moderate to complete relief during a migraine, and 91% reported moderate to complete relief in cluster headaches.

Lower risk of heart disease and stroke: Frequent sexual activity has been linked to lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

Make you look younger: Frequent sexual activity can make you look younger and help reduce the look of wrinkles. Couples that have frequent sexual activity often look younger. In fact, in a study done, those that have frequent sex looked between 7-12 years younger on average.

Better sleep: The body releases oxytocin and endorphins during an orgasm (which can help with sleep). Better sleep can also help with a stronger immune system, a longer life span, and having more energy during the day.

Mental and Emotional Benefits Of Sex

Increased Self Esteem and Happiness: Sex can help boost your self esteem and self confidence. More frequent sex (and quality sex) can have a significant impact on a persons happiness.

Better Bond With Your Spouse: Chemicals are released into the brain during sex (endorphins and oxytocin) which help with depression and help create a closer and stronger bond with your spouse.

Stress Reducer: Sex can be a very effective way to manage and help reduces stress due to the reduction in stress response hormones (cortisol and epinephrine).

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The mental, emotional and physical benefits of sex are many, but more importantly, frequent sex will have a big impact on your relationship with your spouse. Oxytocin released during sex enhances a sense of bonding and improves emotional intimacy between a couple. Sex also increases your level of commitment and of course, the emotional connection with your spouse. Couples who have more sex are much happier and have a much lower divorce rate.

Humans are wired to crave sex and intimacy in their lives so when couples start lacking sex and intimacy, and have infrequent sex often grow distant from each other which can also lead to and unhappy marriage and possibly divorce.

Frequency of sex often changes over time, and can fluctuate based upon what is going on in a couples life, but sex can be amazing and get better over time when it becomes a priority and as a relationship matures over time. There are many ways to spice up your sex life to bring back the excitement in your marriage. One of these is the Ultimate Intimacy App. The Ultimate Intimacy App is the #1 marriage and intimacy app in the market. The Ultimate Intimacy App is clean, non graphic and so much fun! Check out all the great features on the app and download for free today.

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